Aug 20, 2017

Creative is who we are

we love to be creative

We went to the Lake yesterday for family day
and my husband let me take home some smooth rocks

see how nice these rocks are to write on

This is a photo of our Salon
usually I'm working M-Sat 
but once in a while 
we need to spend time enjoying
family time

we had fun creating some new looks

pretty clients

love this look, bright highlights on top
dark underneath

all summer we painted rocks
with clients
it's been sort of a fad here in
Boulder City Nevada

We always have events in our salon
this was a fun summer event for kids
but adults liked it too

the photo below is Erin's daughter
at our super hero party last october

hand painted paper is
just another way to be creative
we teach card making classes on 
Wednesday nights at the Salon

card making classes are a fun way to get to know others who like to be creative

we added a new team member, we just need to get her in the photo

what do you do to stay creative?

May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff



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