Sep 26, 2014

I made a business decision to find a place to work that was more affordable

Everyone can have Divine Intervention
and Personal Revelation
If we but Pray and ask our Father in Heaven 
with a sincere heart
Believing we will receive an answer to our prayers.

I have been seeking for guidance
to know what to do about where I was working.
I loved working at Attractions Salon in Boulder City 
for the last 5 months
but I did my books and found out
that I was spending $200 more each month that I could comfortably afford.

So I made a business decision to find a place to work that was more affordable

I asked my customers to
Please tell me what YOU think

what Boulder City Nevada Hair Salon do you like the BEST?
Boulder Beauty0%0
Hair Tenders7%1
Fantastic Sams0%0
Other not listed0%0
Total Votes: 14

I was sitting in my car
wondering and praying 
asking God 
what I should do
and where should I go
a thought came into my mind,
go to Blis Salon

a video that explains this thought

Tuesday of this week
I was hired to work at 
Blis Salon 

I feel blessed to know God is aware of my needs
I only had one hour between  leaving Attractions Salon
and Working at Blis.

This is my customer Becky and her mom.
Becky is sitting at my new hair station 
while her mom is at my new nail station
see how close they are.
The best part is I can see the front door and
welcome clients as they come in.

This is Becky's hair when we got done

This is a picture of Angela Savage her dad was a race car driver.
I did her hair yesterday as well.

We changed her hair from brown to blonde 

See how happy she is with her new look.

Below is my customer Tiffany Martin
She and her family own Red Mountain Realty

Her new color is to die for!

Below is my neighbor Lilly
She enjoyed her short hair cut today
I love the neckline...

This is Taylor
she has lovely think hair
It's she beautiful

Below is my Aunt Carol
It was such a pleasure to 
trim her hair for her.
(She is blessed with natural curl)

Below is J 
she wanted a really short haircut
and was thrilled 
that she could still tuck the front b
behind her ears.


One of my favorite places to eat in Boulder City is Pit Stop.
their pit burger is amazing.
So is there fish and chips. 

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Air Conditioning (3)
Animal Clinic (2)
Anti Aging Products (1)
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Sherrill Graff

Boulder City, NV 89005
Visit our Website
Member Since: 2014

More Info  Map 

Hair & Nails
Mon-Sat 9am-7pm by appointment

At the end of the day 
I walked over to 
Boulder City Florist

and picked up some flowers
to thank everyone I work with
for the warm welcome

Kris at Boulder City Florist 
paid me in flowers today
they are lovely

I love flowers
don't you?

Boulder City Florist 
moved to Arrizona Street

where Fiddlesticks used to be

 Darleen and her friends came to visit today

admiring the arrangements
so pretty

you can scroll down this list to see who loves me 

and loves what I do for a living

Thank you Family and Friends

Comments Welcome

I love what I do 
can you tell?

learn more about boulder city here

May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff
Please Call my cell 702-539-0167 to make an appointment


Vicki Reed said...

Sherill, Blis looks like a beautiful place inside & out! I'm sure your customers will follow you and be happy at your new location. You do beautiful work and yes, I can tell you love your work!! Great photos!

Bev Farmer said...

Wow, Sherrill, what a blessing to find another in an hour. I am praying for you to have much success in your new position. With your positive attitude, you will not have a problem. My motto has always been, "when God closes one door, he opens another". Love you!!

Sherrill Graff said...

Thank you Vicki and Bev for your comments on my post, Comments ALWAYS make me happy! So far all the customers I have told about the move have said they will follow me. I too believe God opened this door for me. It's a blessing to know good friends like YOU who care about what is going on in my life. May God bless you both. (((hugs))) Sherrill Graff

Angie Anny said...

Congratulations!!! Your clients hair looks amazing and the blis salon looks great too!!. If I ever find myself in your neighborhood I will definitely visit your chair. 😊

Lindz said...

It is wonderful for you to have such a great job where you can make everyone feel beautiful and loved.

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