Oct 7, 2013

A weekend filled with Canning, General Conference, and Cookies

Today is the first day you can join Stampin Up for $25 

My husband Mark spent Saturday
making salsa and roasted peppers too

Saturday and Sunday were spent 

Luann my sister in law made these yummy
pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!

I can see I NEED to get her recipe!
These are Jim's most favorite cookies

When I was at the store this morning, 
I bought some pomegranate juice
(it says from concentrate) 
They came in 1.05 quart bottles

I mixed both bottles in a large pan 
with 4 packs of sure jell
I like my jelly thick. 

Bring it to a boil so that can not be stired down.

the pat of butter is supposed to keep it from foaming as much

once it boiled I added 2 quarts + 2 cups of sugar
(So the recipe I used ended up to be, about half juice half sugar) 

I keep a bowl next to the stove to hold my 
whisk and measuring cup.
 The drips get a bit sticky 
and this allows for easier clean up

after adding the sugar I brought it to a full boil again for 2 min.

To soften the lids I boiled water in the microwave 
and put the lids in that hot water to sit

When they are finished cooling
I'll wipe the jars with vinegar water to 
get rid of any water spots on the lids/jars. 

Thanks to my neighbor Joy for loaning me her jar grabber

Post Note:
Thanks Ken finding our grabber so I'll have it for next time!

May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff istmpnv@aol.com
 Blog: http://latenightstamper1.blogspot.com/ 
 Website: http://latenightstamper.stampinup.net



Sherrill, you have been busy. I would love to have the chocolate chip pumpkin cookies. Thanks for sharing.

Tiffany said...

Yum! A very productive and yummy weekend!!

Bee Manghi said...

sounds like the perfect w/e 2me!

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