Mar 4, 2013

is March a lucky month

I was looking at photos today and I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with YOU

 I am sure you may have seen these before
But it sure is fun to remember good times

on unbeleavable trips
like this stampin up trip to Alaska

 with family and friends

more friends

Judy, Sue and Myself with our wonderful Husbands

another fun friend

I also had to add this photo of the two guys that took care of our room
they did a wonderful job
and always left extra chocolate 

and just for fun
a lucky card

isn't this a good idea from Robbie!

is March a lucky month 

it is if you are with people you love, 
doing the things you love

Hug the ones you love today
and if they live too far away
say a prayer for them instead.

Dear Heavenly Father

Thanks for loving me, for blessing us with health
Thanks for making my dreams a reality

and for giving me family and friends
who support me.

Please bless my loved ones
and bless everyone
who is doing their best to
treat others with kindness.

Thanks for the beautiful things and the
beautiful people in my life.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

Sherrill Graff


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