May 31, 2012

Canadian Stampin Up Demnstrators - Training with Sherrill Graff from Las Vegas NV

I was Honored
to teach you.

I hope to see you again in September! 

 Colette, Carolyn, Rachelle
 Evelyn, Shannon, Karen
 Linda, Kelly, Karen, Colette, Rachelle
 Kelli, Karen, Evelyn, Sherrill Graff

We usually share 100% free but this time we are asking for a small $3 donation for these directions.
Once you send in your donation you have permission to print these directions for YOUR customers.

Instructors for our Pre-Convention events starting July 15th at 6 pm in SLC utah

If you are an instructor for our Late Night Stamper events at the Radisson in Salt Lake City in July, 
please use this image on your blog with a link to our events. 

7 weeks until convention

May 29, 2012

One BIG Lobster - come on over for dinner

We are having a lot of fun!  Lobster in Las Vegas was never so GOOD! Look how huge this one is and they bought 7 of them. We are ready for a Lobster Feast tonight!

A day would not be perfect without a little stamping!

A trip tp Canada with Carolyn Garland - my Stampin Up demonstrator friend

 Carolyn and George's friends Mary and Louis showed us areound their Apple Orchards

We ate Sugar pie

I met a bunch of Carolyn's stamping friends and we made some 
multi-layered embossing butterflies. I also showed them how to emboss sticky strip. You can see it on the bottom of this card. 

To make the pre-melted embossing chips
I cover a cookie sheet with aluminum foil  then I pour embossing powders onto the foil. I pre heat the oven to 350 degrees. TURN OFF the oven before you put the cookie sheet in. Keep the door closed. About 4 to 5 min later check and see that the embossing powder is melted. 

Take the cookie sheet out of the oven and allow to cool.
Once they are cooled Completly, you can easily peel them off of the foil. 

Store a bunch of the melted embossing chips in a baggie and take them to your workshops. 

This embossing is on part of an old CD
Heat where you wish to cut the CD using your heat gun.
Then cut the CD while it's still warm with utility scissors.
Allow the CD to cool. 
Rub VersaMark ink onto the CD and coat it with a layer of embossing. Once the embossing is cool. Rub it with VersaMark again and repeat with embossing powder. Heat the embossing to melt it.
 I used 2 layers of clear embossing and then one layer of black embossing powder. Wile the embossing was still hot, I sprinkled copped power in places. 
I used VersaMark on my leaf stamp so that is will act as a release agent. 
Then I heated the embossing one last time and pressed the stamp into the embossing.
Allow it to cool for a couple minutes then, pull the stamp off.

This CD was a soft green color. 
I wrapped it in wire and wore it on a necklace to all of my Stampin Up parties. 
Customers loved it!

7 weeks until convention

May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff 702-293-1386
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May 26, 2012

Top Picks of the Week - Stampin Up samples and ideas

I help give encouragement and support to SU Demonstrators wanting more from their stampin up business

I have team members in UT, MN, CO, TX, GA, NV, OH, AZ, WI, 
and most of them I have met and stamped with in person!

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8 weeks until convention

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