Aug 16, 2012

this is our Late Night Stamper treasure hunt for Fall of 2012

check out our new 
2013 spring hunt 

this is our Late Night Stamper treasure hunt for Fall of 2012 
Last May's Treasure hunt involved 20 members  This Fall we hope to have 50 participants
I'll provide the prize  $150 in stampin up merchandise of the winners choice

Winning FREE stamps is like Christmas in a box any time of the year

I have a link list on my blog about half way down on the left side. 
Starting Monday  August 20th you can visit the links and collect 50 members clues.

They will all have this image above the clue.

My clue is SNAIL
"adhesive shaped like a snail and leaves a sticky trail"
E-mail me after you have collected 50 clues
(list the clues and where you got them in your e-mail)
and I'll enter you into my Fall treasure hunt give-a-way

Drawing to be held October 31st 2012
winner will be notified by e-mail 

Happy Hunting!

Here is the link list to make it easy for you to go hunting

Late Night Stamper WEB RING


lisa808 said...

I look forward to another fun treasure hunt.

lisa808 said...

I just E-mailed my list of 52 clues. Thansk for the fun hunt.

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