May 18, 2012

Together We do make a difference - Keith and Jeni Campbell family fundraiser

I'm back to the Happy, Optimistic me and here is why

I love feeling like I have a purpose and knowing what I do makes a positive difference in the world.

Let me tell you what happened

Jamie, Jodie, Wilie, Gertie and I have been working hard to put together a Scrapbook Crop Community Garage Sale event to benefit the Keith and Jeni Campbell family
to be held at the 900 Arizona Street Recreation Center in Boulder City NV

At the beginning of the week we got together to pull together any lose ends.
Boy did we find out we had a lot of lose ends. 

We found a couple people who volunteered to help make phone calls. We did everything we could possibly do and left the rest in God's hands.

Our event is tomorrow from 8 am to 10 pm.  We went tonight to set up the tables and chairs and to put out the garage sales items we have been collecting. 
At 6 pm my son and I were there, soon after Jamie showed up with 20-30 volunteers! Young men an women ages 16 and up to men and women in their 60's. 

Not only did over 80 tables set up but everyone pitched in to set out boxes and boxes of donations. 
One friend was able to get the sale in the newspaper, one was able to get it posted on the city social online, and a group of friends made signs to let everyone know about our sale. 

We have already raised 1,400. for this wonderful family and the event hasn't even started yet.

Before the volunteers left we ended the night with a prayer that God would bless everyone who comes to support this family and that our efforts will be multiplied. 
I have faith that this event will be a success. It already is. 
I have never seen so many people show up and pitch in and be so eager to serve.

For all of our sponsors and friends who make this event come together, for the Keith and Jeni Campbell family
Thank You.
Together We do make a difference!

May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff 702-293-1386
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