May 7, 2012

Great stampin up artwork by Kris Sobolik, Amanda Corbet, Sandi MacIver, Bethany Keeney, and Jane Dexter

do you see you cards in this photo?
These are all the finalists that I will pick my sample makers from.

My 5 sample makers so far for 2012 
1. Kris Sobolik 
2. Amanda Corbet
3. Sandi MacIver 
4. Bethany Keeney
5 Jane Dexter

once I see how my budget works I may hire more. 


Lelly Jelly said...

Love your work Ladies.

Nicole Tugrul said...

Thanks for picking my card as one if the finalists! It's an honor!!
Close up picture at
Mine is the pink baby girl card made with Nursery Necessities.

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