Apr 15, 2012

Campbell family fundraiser Arizona Street Recreation Center Boulder City Nevada may 19 2012

Can you help?

donate here by buying a space even if you can not attend
every penny will go directly to this family.

The volunteers who are running this event will not use one penny of the money donated to run this event.
The space and the insurance for the event has been donated by our sponsors.
The supplies and prizes will all be donations as well.

There will be a savings account set up for the Campbell family our volunteers will be able to make diposits but the only people who will be able to withdrawl from the savings will be Jeni and Keith.

Please share this event with your friends.

May God bless you with health, strength and every blessing you stand in need of.
Thanks friends, Sherrill


Angie ~ My Cricut Closet said...

I love this idea. Beautiful page.

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