Feb 21, 2012

order your 2011 Sample CD and use the money you earn to help pay for convention 2012

This is an e-mail from Sandy. She ordered a 2011 convention sample CD and has already doubled her money.
Hi everyone,
I just wanted to share that when I attended Leadership this year I took about 50 pictures of the cards that were displayed. I was trying to get my Stamping Club lined up for the year so I decided to give a copy of the cards I took on a CD to those who would sign up to join the club. I didn't charge for this but did get them to commit to the club. They loved it!

So last week or so Sherrill sends us the information about the CD of cards and gifts taken by a professional photographer. I purchased one and received it on Saturday. I viewed it and loved all the cards and gifts on it. I knew that since my la dies, loved the one I made, they would really love this one so I promptly sent each one of my Stamp Club members, customers, and downline to see if they were interested in purchasing this CD for $5. I immediately got 4 responses that wanted one and this morning I received another request! Yay! That's $25 extra that's going towards my Convention expenses!

What I plan to do at my next club and/or workshop is to have the CD playing on my laptop so they can all see those great cards. I will have CD's available if anyone wants one.

Thanks Sherrill. Every bit helps and this is great!


This is what I would do to get ready for convention 2012

Order your Late Night Stamper sample CD use pay pal the CD is $5 and the shipping is $4 so $9 total send to istmpnv@aol.com. Be sure to include your address so I can get your CD to you right away.

Use the CD ideas to plan the next few months of classes.
For example

If you were to teach this card in your class you would create an actual sample of this card then
write up directions

include the other photos from the CD

in your instructions

The offer the class to your customers for $10 (or $5 with any order or FREE if they have been a hostess in the last 3 months)
This will encourage every guest to order or host a workshop.

After you have used the samples you wish to from the CD for your classes

Make copies of the CD and sell a copy of the CD for $5 to your customers, team members, and fellow demonstrators.
Save the money to purchase the Late Night Stamper pre convention events for 2012.
(If you have already purchased the bundle use the money to pay yourself back or use the money to pay for your Raddison sleeping room at convention)


kim said...

Are the samples from Convention itself or from your events?

Latenightstamper said...

The CD has photos of many of the 3-D items and cards participants created for our 2011 LNS events.

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