Jul 30, 2011

weight watchers and sherrill graff - 69 pounds lost

If you are on weight watchers, and you went to your meeting this week...what did you learn, what will you try new? I lost a pound. 4 more to go before I reach my goal. I'm off to the gym to burn some calories. I just had 3 egg whites, 1 slice of turkey bacon and an apple. I'm trying to be more accountable this week. I'm also trying to focus on my bucket wish of being able to wakeboard. I have not been this weight since my last child was born. YIPPEE!!! I'm going to reach my goal and stay there!


Penny Hanuszak said...

Wow Sherrill. I love that you scrapped your weight loss achievements and you can see all the tremendous changes! How awesome. Congratulations!

Thanks for opportunity to win goodies from the holiday mini too, that's so exciting!

Penny Hanuszak

Kards by Kadie said...

Sherrill - HOOREY for you! Great Job with your success on Weight Watchers - Keep Up the amazing work and you'll be there in no time. I'm a lifetime member who has struggled but found success with this program. Love the new Points Plus system. Keep it up girl!
kadielabadie at live dot com

Kristi Kelly said...

It's so nice to see the actual pictures of you reaching your weight loss goal. You give me motivation to want to start on mine. Maybe this will be my year!

Loni said...

Hooray Sherrill!!

Paula said...

I'm so so proud of you!!!
And thank you for putting yourself out there with your photos.
You have encouraged me soooo much!!

Kathy said...

The weight loss scrapping is a great idea. It is really a scary journey to be public with your road to health--I commend your for your achievements.


Sherrill - it was so great seeing you at regionals. You look AMAZING!

Holly Denghel said...

Congrats!! That is so fantastic. You look wonderful!!

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