Oct 3, 2010

I challenge YOU to gather your card making friends and give a few hours each week in service...

May we continue in faith as we serve unselfishly. May each of our lives be blest as we trust in the Lord to guide out thoughts, deeds and actions this day and throughout the remainder of our lives.

I pray that we will hear the whisperings of Christ's Spirit and see God's hands in our lives.

I know when I out God and family first, all other things will fall into place.
I trust that God will continue to direct my life when I seek his council by sincere prayer, frequent scripture study and consistently making righteous choices. May I also remember to quickly correct mistakes I make and correct my course when I see my desires are not united with God's will for me.

What does this have to do with our stampin up business? I know when I have put God and family first I have continued reach my goals of finding new people to teach and new groups to serve with our cards for the kids events. As I seek God's will and desire to serve my fellow man I have been privileged to see lives touched and to witness friends both ones I have known for a long time, and friends I have yet to meet, share their talents in an effort to show their love for children they do not even know.

Your help is needed. Please consider spending your time and talents to serve and care for children, seniors, the homeless, the sight impaired and others who are not as blessed as we appear to be. Every living being deserves to feel loved and appreciated. Each of us have the ability to change the lives of others by sharing what we love with those around us. I challenge YOU to gather your card making friends and give a few hours each week in service to create handcrafted cards that will life and bring a smile to the faces of others.
Bless you for all you do.

I invite you to leave a comment expressing your faith in God below.
I encourage you to share how you have been blessed to touch others by sharing what you love.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to bless others by sharing.


Christina said...

Hey Sherril,
I wanted to let you know about a great cause. Please check out my blog for more details. Please feel free to pass the details on to anyone you want.
I don't get a lot of traffic on my site, so I though of you because you are so great at this kind of thing.
thanks christina

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