Aug 30, 2010

I challenge you to bring a friend to this next Stampin Up Las Vegas shoe box swap, Thursday September 2, 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Join us for a Stampin Up shoe box swap with us in Las Vegas!

I challenge you to Bring a friend
if your friend can make a project to share, great! if not please help them create one to share. Remember the supplies need to be 99% stampin up.
Please prepare for 20.

ONLY people who bring a project will be able to create cards because it's not fair to the others who bring them thinking that they will go home with 20 others.

thank you!!!!

RSVP for you and your guest here or better yet, ask them to join this group!

To visit Las Vegas Stamp and Scrap, go here:

September Halloween and Christmas - Quick and EASY Cards Cheyenne and 95 IHOP
(Because these are the two most profitable Holidays in the year.)

October Thank you and Birthday east IHOP on TROP near Pecos

November Quick and easy "Material projects" Cheyenne and 95 IHOP

December - Christmas Party EAST LOCATION

January Valentines and Thinking of you quick and easy cards Cheyenne and 95 IHOP

February Mother's Day , Father's Day cards east IHOP on TROP near Pecos

March Wedding or invitations Cheyenne and 95 IHOP

April Technique cards east IHOP on TROP near Pecos

May Big Shot Projects Cheyenne and 95 IHOP

May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff
Please visit my Website: my recruit password is scrapbook1


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