Jun 21, 2010

Make Money by Hosting Product Parties - by Sarah Stebbins Women's Day Magazine, posted by Sherrill Graff

Make Money by Hosting Product Parties

Earn some extra cash by selling popular wares at home

By Sarah Stebbins Posted March 03, 2010 from WomansDay.com

These days, product parties have moved far beyond Tupperware. You can sell wine, jewelry, pet supplies and even toys at small, in-home gatherings, making several hundred dollars a pop. Most reps undergo some form of training, pay a start-up fee and work fewer than 10 hours a week. If you’re willing to commit more time and recruit others, you could be looking at a six-figure income. Not sure if selling is for you? Consider hosting a party. You’ll get to see what’s involved and receive a discount for your purchases. Read on to discover some of the most exciting opportunities out there.

Essential Bodywear
Did you know that 85 percent of us are wearing the wrong size bra? This is a problem that, as a representative of Essential Bodywear, you can help fix. “We take a chore women hate and don’t do—getting fit for a bra—and turn it into a fun and educational evening with your girlfriends,” says Lisa Collin, a consultant in Gurnee, Illinois. After a guest is measured and emerges (fully clothed) wearing her proper size, “you see a physical transformation—she actually looks taller and thinner,” Collin says. The company’s line, which also includes panties and shapewear, is not sexy, but looks great under clothes.
Cost to get started: $300
Reward: 25 percent commission.

Maddy Moo Creations
“Who wants to purchase a department store handbag, only to see three other women carrying the same one?” asks Shelly Stone of Mt. Holly Springs, Pennsylvania, a consultant with design-your-own-bag company Maddy Moo Creations. When you attend a “purse party,” you get to try out (and dump your things into) dozens of different types of bags, then customize your choice by selecting from more than 50 fabrics, such as cheerful polka dots and paisleys. Complete the look with ribbon, a monogram, extra pockets or a longer strap. Each bag is handmade to order and shipped in a matter of weeks—what a concept!
Cost to get started: $80 to $150
Reward: 25 percent commission.

The Pampered Chef
One of the biggest players in the at-home selling industry, The Pampered Chef offers a winning formula: quick, tasty meals, plus good-quality cookware, tools and serving pieces. Consultants host “cooking shows,” with themes like comfort food or desserts, and teach guests how to make recipes and use the products, which are, of course, for sale (along with cookbooks, sauces and spice blends). Representative Lura Antokal of Park Ridge, New Jersey, views her job as a samaritan role: “I give busy moms like me ideas and tips that make their lives easier.”
Cost to get started: $155
Reward: 20 percent starting commission; potential to make up to 31 percent.

Shure Pets
How often do you get invited to an event with a plus-one for your pet? That’s part of the appeal of a Shure Pets “pupperware” party, where dogs and owners get to peruse and try products ranging from beds and collars to treats, toys and shampoo. (Cat lovers, don’t get into a hissy—there’s plenty here for you, too.) Entertainment is built into the mix. “I have yet to experience a ‘typical’ party,” says Minneapolis-based consultant Stephanie Thompsen. “With pets in attendance, there may be a game of chase or a barking chorus—there is never a dull moment!”
Cost to get started: $150
Reward: 25 percent starting commission; potential to make up to 27 percent.

Stampin' Up!
Our mothers and grandmothers had sewing circles, but our generation? Not so much. Stampin’ Up!, a supplier of tasteful coordinating papers, stamp sets and embellishments for scrapbooking and card-making, offers a modern-day equivalent. Women get together to chat, do a small craft and find inspiration for future projects. “All of our products go together so you can make something beautiful really fast,” says Robin Merriman of Bristow, Virginia, who leads workshops for the company. Most attendees leave “completely hooked,” she says.
Cost to get started: $99
Reward: 20 percent starting commission; potential to make up to 70 percent in cash and free merchandise

Stella & Dot
Picture a table dripping with stylish, affordable jewelry, the same stuff you may have seen in a fashion magazine or on a celebrity. Your friends are there, ogling along with you. That pretty much sums up a Stella & Dot party, which the company dubs a “trunk show.” But what else do you need? “I get paid to help women pick out something they love and connect with their girlfriends,” says Alison Fuller of Ladera Ranch, California, one of the company’s “stylists.” Her bestsellers include a silver braid necklace studded with pearls and gold chandelier earrings dotted with brightly colored enamel. ’Nuff said.
Cost to get started: $200
Reward: 25 percent starting commission; potential to make up to 30 percent.

WineShop At Home
Ever wish you could walk into a wine store and try before you buy? That’s the experience WineShop At Home offers at their tastings. As a consultant, you introduce guests to different reds and whites, created by the company’s own Napa Valley winemakers, and explain how to sniff, swirl and sip as well as pair varietals with food. Partygoers can then place orders or sign up for shipments from a monthly wine club. “We have replaced our corporate incomes and no longer have to be in an office for 10 hours a day,” says Tammy Nicholls of McKinney, Texas, who, with her husband, earns six figures working as a full-time rep. Cheers to that!
Cost to get started: $100 to $140
Reward: 15 percent starting commission; potential to make up to 44 percent.

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