May 31, 2010

recycle your old CD's into Jewelry or elements to add to handmade greeting cards or scrapbook pages by sherrill graff

Old CD's and a little imagination

if you have been reading my latest posts, yesterday I showed you how to make multi layered embossing easy and fun! Today this sample is made with an old CD. The CD was a really pretty light green/teal and it's beautiful with embossed leaves on it!

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Photo take outside with better lighting

The back is not pretty, but to works!

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Shiozaki Beach girls said...

Lovely! I think you have a great blog Sherrill! You have great ideas to share with everyone!

Vanessa said...

Wow, amazing idea! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! Yes, earning money with my work would be great. Sigh:)

Anonymous said...

HI im an art student and I'm very interested of how did you made the beautiful CD piece.would you be able to tell me more details of how did you made the piece please?

many thanks!

Latenightstamper said...

I posted directions on how to make the melted embossing chips on my friend Carolyn Garland's blog here

heat the CD with your heat gun and cut it while it is still warm with your craft scissors.
Then melt chips of embossing over it.
ink up your leaf stamp and press it into the hot embossing.
Learn more about this technique here

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