Apr 16, 2010

Stampin Up Convention 2010 Late Night Stamper Stamp Camp and Reunion Instructors

A list of participants for our LNS Events has been uploaded to the File section on our LNS Demo Only group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LNSDemoOnly/
Please check your name and your events and e-mail Sherrill Graff if you wish to make any changes.

Our stamp camp on Monday July 19th is almost full $90 pays for 8 GREAT projects from these fantastic instructors

If you wish to sign up e-mail Sherrill Graff at istmpnv@aol.com

Our 8 TEAMS of GREAT Stamp Camp Instructors are

1.) Penny Silva, Kristi Kelly, Tami McCalla
2.) Judy Garza, Janelle Swango, Janelle's Daughter, Sara Teague
3.) Sandi MacIver, Carole'Anne Sluchinski , Lee Conrey
4.) Murlynn Ingle and Gretchen Barron, Stacy Forbes
5.) Brenda Van Middlekoop and Mary Haden
6.) Virginia killmore, Fran Kennedy, Kate Cecil
7.) Rachel Brumley, Kevin Theesen and Patty Edwards
8.) Sherry Robinson, Kelly Mayou, Scot Strehlow and Kira Loy

Our 3 Teams of GREAT Reunion Party Instructors are
1.) Reunion Susan Kubira (needs a helper)
2.) Reunion Loni Spendlove, Kay Mespelt, Sue Stratton,
3.) Reunion Wendy Fassbender and Cheryl Noble

Adrian Mondy and Barbara Vogt
Keep me straight with registrations / participant lists and name tags

Tami McCalla monday wow host
Patsy Rinella saturday wow host

Demo Only Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LNSDemoOnly/


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