Apr 21, 2010

Late Night Stampers Convention 2010, FREE STAMPS Drawing, enter today

To win FREE Stampin Up merchandise from me
Leave your best LNS event memory here or join us for some of these events.

We have over 4,000 in stampin up prizes to give away!

Another sure way to get into this drawing and have a chance to win $100 in FREE STAMPS is to post this information on your blog or website! E-mail me at istmpnv@aol.com to let me know you did it, so I can enter YOU in my FREE Drawing!

$4,000. in stampin up prizes to give away!


have both won $100 in FREE Stampin Up merchandise for putting our LNS Pre-Convention events on their bogs!!!!

OUR LNS events start on Monday July 19th and end on Saturday July 24th with Patsy's WOW
event after convention is over.

Send your payment to istmpnv@aol.com using pay pal
or mail a check to
Sherrill Graff
605 Kendrick Place
Boulder City NV 89005
if you are sending a check e-mail me and let me know so I can hold your spot.

Monday July 19th will be a 8:30 AM stamp camp 8 great projects $90 FULL
we supply everything except adhesive
Monday Stamp Camp projects are the same on both days

Monday 2 PM shoe box swap $35 OPEN
please bring a project to share with 6 people and a finished project to enter into the contest

Monday Night 7 PM WOWevent by Tami $10 OPEN we need 3 more wow demonstrators to show their stuff. please e-mail istmpnv@aol.com ASAP
bring your camera and a note pad
the WOW demonstrations are different on both days.
all at the Radisson

Tuesday July 20th will be a 8:30 AM stamp camp 8 great projects $90 OPEN

followed by a Tuesday 2 PM shoe box swap $35 FULL
please bring a project to share with 6 people and a finished project to enter into the contest

then the Tuesday Night 7 PM Reunion party 3 fun projects$35 FULL
we supply everything except adhesive all at the Radisson

Wednesday July 21 Anything New Swap 75+1 at the Radisson behind Convention on sign in day

Wednesday Sign In Day 2pm-4pm Shoe Box Swap Hosted by Mary and Brenda $35 OPEN
please bring a project to share with 6 people and a finished project to enter into the contest
at the Radisson

then a Saturday July 24th 6 PM WOW event by Patsy $10 OPEN
bring your camera and a note pad
at the Radisson
the WOW demonstrations are different on both days.

All events have prizes and give-a-ways.
May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff istmpnv@aol.com


Tamra said...

Here is my comment to get in Sherrill's Drawing. It is a little strange... last year when I thought I was the ONLY one that I knew going to convention (none of my team was planning to), I contacted Sherrill and she welcomed me with open arms. Come make new friends she said, we are having lots of great events! Right before I signed up for any, a couple on my team decided to go. I didn't sign up. I ended up finding new friends anyway because there was too much 'woman drama' among my own team. One new friend and I that also had not signed up for the LNS events (but was a member, too) stood at the door to one event watching the fun and kicking ourselves for not signing up! Well, THIS year, my new bud and I are coming Sunday to Sunday and bringing others, have signed up for a bunch of events, staying with LNS group and not the drama team, and can't wait to be in on the fun and hopefully meet more new friends! Thanks Sherrill!

Rosemarrie Gonzalez said...

This is my first time going to Convention! I went to Leadership in January and was overwhelmed with so many nice and helpful people! I couldn't help but wonder where is this group from? Well...LNS!! Late Night Stampers! Little did I know that being a part of that group was going to be so easy and welcoming! I have booked every possible event I can from the moment I arrive to Convention until I leave! I am so excited! Even if I don't win, it feels good to be able to tell others what a great person Sherrill is and how wonderful LNS is!!

Rosemarrie Gonzalez
LNS Member

Rosemarrie Gonzalez said...

This is my first time going to Convention! I went to Leadership in January and was overwhelmed with so many nice and helpful people! I couldn't help but wonder where is this group from? Well...LNS!! Late Night Stampers! Little did I know that being a part of that group was going to be so easy and welcoming! I have booked every possible event I can from the moment I arrive to Convention until I leave! I am so excited! Even if I don't win, it feels good to be able to tell others what a great person Sherrill is and how wonderful LNS is!!

Rosemarrie Gonzalez
LNS Member

Kimberly Johnson said...

I have added this info to my blog. Please add me in for the drawing.

Latenightstamper said...

May each of you be blessed for sharing your stories and may each of you find the FUN in being with us again this year! I am so thankful to everyone of you who help us tell others about our events and WE are HAPPY to give away FREE STAMPS!!!!
See you in July, Sherrill

and thanks for the compliments, I'm only doing what "feels RIGHT" and Sharing what God has blessed us with, just like YOU. I don't need any praise...
Say a prayer and Thank God for all of our blessings and all of our friends here on Late Night Stampers, we truly are a blessed bunch of stampers!

Sandy said...

I've only belonged to LNS for the last 2 1/2 months, and have been a SU! demo for 7 months. In that time, I haven't had much time to fully participate in all that I want to participate in (I'm a full-time learning support teacher, a mother of two boys under the age of 6, my husband works 60 or more hours a week, including weekends, AND I completed my Master's Degree and will be graduating on May 7th.). BUT, when I have found time to participate, respond to a cry of help, or have a card to add the the challenges, I have always received support, kind words on my work, and tons of thanks for my input. I feel like I belong, despite the fact that I know no one personally. I feel like I have a huge group of friends who I can go to for anything. When I need anything, I can relay on LNS members to give me input. For that I'm grateful! This is my experience with LNS and see it continuing to grow, as I get time to participate and join in on activities, conventions, and the such!



Anonymous said...

I havent' been a part of this before, so I don't have any memories, but I'd love to win free product.
marilyn22222 @ hotmail.com

Latenightstamper said...

Marilyn was smart and left her e-mail address.... good thinking
It will make it so much easier to give out prizes if I don't have to look up e-mails :)

thanks for entering everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

I've never actually attended a LNS event although I've signed up for pre-convention activities two year in a row. The first year my flight was delayed by mechanical problems and I did not arrive in time for the events. So, I signed up for the next year however, I got pregnant with my first child and with a high risk pregnancy was not able to travel that far away by the time convention came around. Both years, Sherrill sent the project to me so I could complete them at home. Aside from that, joining the LNS group has been wonderful. I am a transplant demo an my upline an downline live 750 miles or more away. This goup has helped me feel that I have a home no matter where I am. My creativity has grown and I have learned so much from this amazing group of stampers.

Lisa Courter

Jan said...

I have been attending Late Night Stampers events before I even realized what LNS was! I "met" Sherrill online via e-mail shortly after I became a brand new demo in 2002 and attended a great stamp camp the next year at convention in Las Vegas. Sort of drifted off for a while (???) but caught up again two years ago when I saw the LNS reservations for rooms at The Plaza Hotel and ended up signing up for and attending all of the LNS events that year. What a hoot! My craziest favorite was the shoebox swap on the free night (I think!) where someone had a karoke machine set up and I got up with my UL, one of my DL and several Sideline friends and we "sang" (if you can call it that!) to "Day-oh" (sp?) the "theme song" from Beetlejuice or Daylight Come an I wanna go home". Karoke is a lot harder to do than it looks! lol! But we had a great time doing the shoebox swap and I really enjoyed all of the other events as well. Met up face to face with many ladies I had only known online previously and that was great fun as well. Jan Hoyt www.janhoyt.stampinup.net

SamieVt said...

I don't even know where to begin. I have been a SU demonstrator for less than a year. I live in a very small town in the northern corner of VT and find myself searching for inspiration and guidance. I was invited to LNS through blog finds of the day and voila ... I am addicted. I just recently got my LNS T-shirt! Though I am going to Convention (and yes I'm nervous), I will not be able to arrive early and join in all the LNS events. I remember the first time I posted to LNS with what I believed to be a silly question - after all, demos are supposed to "know their stuff"! The number of responses from so many amazing, talented individual touched me beyond words! LNS is the Inspiration for me to ~Create~ Inspire~ Share!

Ann said...

I haven't been to any of the LNS events yet, but that will hopefully change this year!! I've heard sooo many great stories about them and seen sooo many amazing projects!!!

Sherrill you are an amazing woman!!!

Theresa Jaramillo said...

I'm excited to make my first memories with LNS, because this is my first convention ever! I am open to the experience and ready to be wow'd by the design team!

Rhonda Stirrat said...

My most memorable moment with LNS is when on Monday morning I opened up my inbox and read the weekly newsletter that gets sent out and seen my bra and panty card on it. I don't share my work often. Since then I started my own blog with the DBWS because it gave me confidence to show my work more often. I want to thank everyone for all the inspiration I get every day!!

Raberta said...

I have so many wonderful memories of LNS! I've only been a demo for a year and eight months, most of that as a "hobby demo".

I think the one memory that stands out the most is when one of my projects made the blog finds list. It was a bit of a thrill when I saw that. :)

Thanks for the opportunity to win free stamps, Sherrill!

rabertag @ gmail . com

I'll be posting the information about this contest to my own blog (as well as convention info) tomorrow morning.

Wendy Hawkinson said...

Sadly, I have never been to convention--someday I hope. But I have been welcomed by the LNS group with open arms. That is a wonderful feeling. I'm so grateful to all the amazing members.

God Bless,
Wendy Hawkinson

Kristi Kelly said...

I've been attending LVS events for what seems like forever. I have to say my favorite event with my LVS friends was this last Jan. when I went to Leadership for the first time. I roomed with Sherrill, Loni, Staci. I learned a lot. one night Sherrill read the scriptures to us before bed. As we discussed what she read I felt like I was was meant to be at Leadership to be amoung these good spiritual women to be to be uplifted.

Suzie Quebedeaux said...

This is a sad story how I waited too long to sign up last year and missed out! I had signed up as a demonstrator last year in March. Well, I didn't know about LNS until about June. I wasn't too sure if I could afford to go to Convention. As I said, when I finally made the decision to go to Convention it was too late to sign up. I'm hoping to be able to go to Convention, I find out next week hopefully!!! And right after I register for Convention I am signing up for ALL the LNS Convention Events!

Sherrill, you are such an inspiration to me! Thank you for having such a kind and gentle spirit!

Suzie Quebedeaux

Debra Brown said...

My memorable moment with LNS came just last month, with Sherrill. I have always “lurked” watching the interaction Sherrill has with all of “her children”, feeling slightly jealous of the fact that she didn’t abandon her downline as soon as they signed up. She is supportive in all ways necessary, (as all wonderful mothers are) and I couldn’t help but be a tad bit envious of those close to her. I posted on Stampin Connection that I was an “orphan” and in need of an orphanage and Sherrill came to the rescue, offering me kindness. Just what I needed. After two years of doing this on my own it is a great feeling to know that I’m not the only one that has been abandoned from day one and there are demonstrators out there who really do care. This is my second year as a demonstrator and my first time attending convention. I can't wait to meet some of the caring ladies I have met through LNS and SUDSOL. Thank you for everything you have shared.

Leslie said...

I wanted to leave a comment to have a chance to win, but I haven't attended a LNS event before. I started as a demo in July, but left SU! in MArch because of a bad upline situation. I still LOVE SU! and its products though!! I found out about your blog through the LNS yahoo group. I love that group!! The ideas and tips are amazing!! Those ladies and you are so creative! Hope this counts! Now I am off to my blog to post!

Carey said...

OK this is my first time going to SU convention and first LNS face to face activity. I am so psyched about this. My upline didn't sign the new contract so I am uplineless (made up word). Sherrill has been such a help and you all have been such an inspiration to me. Thanks and I can't wait to meet all of you. This year I will be making the memories. If anyone still needs volunteers to help with anything let me know.

Carey Rogers
aka Roscoe's mommy
pedstamper at sbc global dot net`

Robin Boyer said...

Last year was the first I had heard about LNS! I signed up to go to the events and got me all pumped for convention. You meet so many new friends and great to see over and over each year. Its a reunion of sorts. The projects were all fantastic and you learn so many new ideas and tricks to bring back home. Not having my directs 1st and 2nd level I feel I have a place to go.

Give yourself the opportunity to join us in another wonderful group of events to have fun, learn, stamp of course and the opportunity to win prizes too.

Can't wait!

I've also posted in my blog here is the link:

Rubber Hugs,

Latenightstamper said...

When leaving your comment it's best to include your full name and your e-mail address, in the event that you WIN I can easily get a hold of you :)

Since it is a drawing....
If someone wins that does not have their full name or e-mail address I'll post their winning comment on the Late Night Stampers groups.

Joan said...

I follow LNS and have done boot camp, and now I'm trying to set up my own blog, a LNS after boot camp challenge, which I'm not having much success at right now! But I'm still trying. I've been a Demo for 4 months and I'm without a true upline. Sherrill has been so good to me. When I first signed up for boot camp I wasn't sure what to expect. Since starting boot camp I have learned how to increase my sales (just one of many things). For example, I sent an email to my customers to have them look at the clearance rack through my DBWS and two days later, I met my minimum quota for the quarter. That was prior to my monthly workshop. I have achieved both Stampin Start goals. :) It makes me very happy to be part of the LNS family! Thank you Sherrill and LNS Family!


Alicia said...

I've signed up for LNSBootcamp and printed all the assignments out. I'm trying to get to them as I have time. I'm hoping I'll have another good convention buddy to get me some goodies from Memento mall. I've never been to Convention. Summers are busy in my family so it's hard to break away. Someday it would be great to go and put faces to names! Congratulations to all those who are going.

Hugs and Blessings

Amy Parker said...

I've been a Stampin' Up customer for 5 years and a demonstrator for 2 months. I recently joined the LNSBootcamp to help me get off on the right foot and WOW, it has really made me change my mindset. After being stuck on week 1 for three weeks now, I'm finally plowing through the tasks and feeling really proud all thanks to Sherrill. I really could not have begun this journey without your tips and encouragement. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I recently joined LNS Boot Camp. I am so thankful for finding Sherrill's posts on Stampin' Connection. You are truly an inpsiration. This will be my first year attending convention and I can't wait!

Jamie Levy

kreationzbyzabrina said...

I am excited about meeting new friends and learning new things. I am most excited about convention. This will be my first one and I am sure not my last.
I am not sure how many swaps I will bring, but I am sure it will not be enough.
Which stamp set do I hope are in the new catalog? I am not sure. I just love them all.

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