Jul 22, 2009

Starting your own scrapbook business from home - By: Sherrill Graff

Starting your own scrapbook business from home - By: Sherrill Graff

Low Cost start up Fee just $85
OR Ask me about how you can 
earn your kit with NO out of pocket expense.

Many of you are Moms, and many of you want the same thing: not to miss even one precious moment with your child just because you have to earn an income in order to make ends meet, which means you have to place your child in someone else's care.

Some of you are unable to work on-site or conventional jobs due to health reasons, or live on fixed incomes, or are attending college, or have been the victim of "downsizing", and have turned to searching for viable work at home. I have members who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and have an even wider variety of reasons for wanting to work from home.

Memory preservation has always been a huge business, and as the technology improves for preserving photos and keepsakes, so do the methods and hobbies surrounding it.
Scrapbooking is the fastest growing craft in the U.S. In fact, the latest figures reveal that it is now a $2.55 billion per year business - and that is only in the U.S.!

You can teach scrapbook classes and charge a class fee. Ask family and friends to host a class for you. You can also teach classes at various stores or at your own home. Hosting crops (where scrapbookers get together and scrapbook for hours) is another way to make some income. You can charge a crop fee.

Selling scrapbooking products- Selling scrapbooking products is another way to earn income as a sc rapbook instructor. Once you have taught someone how to scrapbook they are going to need the scrapbooking products. As a scrapbook demonstrator you will be showing people how to use the supplies and tools that you sell. Scrapbookers can buy products from many different stores these days but the stores do not offer the personalized help that a scrapbook demonstrator can offer to each individual customers. That individualized attention really creates a customer loyalty to YOU the demonstrator.

Make scrapbooks for others- Many scrapbook instructors also realize that there are a great number of people who simply do not have time or the desire to scrapbook. These instructors provide a scrapping for others service. The customers provide the photos and discuss with the instructor what they would like and the instructor creates the scrapbook. The going rate for this service is 10-$15 per scrapbook page. As an instructor you are able to purchase the products and albums at a discounted rate so you make a higher profit than you would if you were simply buying the products from a retail store.

There is one more way to make money with the Stampin' Up! opportunity. You can teach others how to become a demonstrator and earn commission off of their sales as well. Sponsoring other people to become a Stampin' Up! demonstrator is a very rewarding opportunity financially and personally because you can help them start their own home based business!

Let me show you how much you can make as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. 

May God bless you to find the work that is right for you and your family,
Sherrill Graff 

my recruit password is scrapbook1


Sue said...

Hi Sherrill, I love the card you have on the link http://latenightstamper-stampandscrap.blogspot.com/
I think it's stunning!

Brandi said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing your business help and ideas!

sherryz designz co said...

how can I get a stampin up demo kit and start without any out of pocket expense ? email me jaffnath@yahoo.com thank you

rush8888 said...

finally, i just might have enough su! stuffs to be able to make 100% su! cards! your blogs are super! and your talent shows all over the places! i also signed up to receive updats on this blog.

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