Jun 2, 2009

Hiring Stampin Up Sample Makers for Sherrill Graff

If you are hired to make samples for my convention swaps:
You will need to put on the back of each one
"Made by your Name your e-mail address on behalf of Sherrill Graff istmpnv@aol.com"
no recipe needed

I'm looking for stampers who will
1) make cards with one or more layer and with one accessory like a button or brads and a bit of ribbon or flower. (see samples above)
2) Make 12X12 two page layouts
3) Big Shot 3-D items

I pay $2-3 per card in stamps
$6-8 for a 2 page layout in stamps
$3-6 for 3-D items in stamps

I provide all your supplies and you keep all the left overs. It should come up to about $8-15 an hour in product
If you have worked for me before and I hire you again I will pay $150 in stampin up merchandise. No prior project approval needed. You know what to do

If you are new I'll trade you 20 cards for $50 in stampin up merchandise.
Please send me a photo of the card you would like to create. You may CASE ideas. If I hire you I will send you a "You have been hired" e-mail
Then you will need to send me a supply list for needed items.
(cardstock, ribbon, brads, etc. will be on top of your $50 in items)

Once you get your items you have 30 days to get the samples back to me.
(you pay shipping to me)

If you are interested please apply
Sherrill Graff istmpnv@aol.com I will chose the next set of sample makers and announce them to this list.

my recruit password is scrapbook1


Melzie said...

I would love to do your 12x12 layouts!! If you wanna think about me. :)

MJ said...

Good luck finding stampers. And to anyone thinking about jump on in, I have been hired by Sherrill twice and if I didn't DISLIKE to stamp more than one of anything I might of even jumped on this.

Latenightstamper said...

Mary Jo - You have a score of 10 which means you would get to stamp whatever and how many of that item as you wish. You have no limits or quota. You will never have to make 2 of anything unless you want to.

Right now only 5 my sample makers have a perfect 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Plus I only hire sample makers who score 8 or higher. So if you work, or have worked for me you are very very talented!
Sherrill Graff istmpnv@aol.com

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