Jun 10, 2009

Artist Spotlight- Kelly Purkey -Stampin Up Demonstrator

GENERAL PIN INSTRUCTION Design and Technique by Kelli Purkey
1. Layer 3 sheets of desired card stock. Stay primarily with the Soft Subtles, Earth Elements, Ultrasmooth White and
Natural cardstocks,as the color turns quite a bit darker when sprayed with the Krylon spray. Always test a sample so
you don’t build your project andfind out it sprays too dark.

2. Stamp Image on the top sheet with your desired cardstock. On some I use Basic Black stamp pad and on some the
craft pads with clear embossing powder. It depends upon the desired finished look. Color your image if needed.

3. Cut a square around the stamped image cutting thru all 3 layers. The bottom layer set of the pin is always 3 pieces
of cardstock, each set layer after that is either 2 or 3 layers sheets of cardstock depending upon the design..

4. Turn over the top sheet with the image, Smear tacky glue onto the cardstock, then adhere to 2nd sheet of Cardstock,
Smear tacky glue to the back of the 2nd piece of cardstock and adhere to the 3rd layer of cardstock.

5. Cut out the image while the tacky glue is still wet (all 3 layers are glued together as one for cutting).

6. While the tacky glue is still wet, form the pin and let it dry. Do the same with each additional layerset.
(Use only 2 sheets of c/s for the additional layers sets).

7. Use your marker (usually black) to color all edges unless you are embellishing with embossing powder. If you are
embellishing your pin edges with metallic embossing powder, squeeze out a dab of tacky glue on a piece of paper,
use your finger or a tooth-pick to apply a small amount of the glue to the edges of your pins. Dip it in your
embossing powder and heat with your heat gun. The glue will bubble up as the powder melts and create a nice edging.

8. Repeat steps 1 thru 7 for each additional pin layer, using 2/3 pieces of cardstock

9. Put together multiple pin layers with dots of tacky glue. Let Dry.

10. Spray your pin with 5 to 6 layers of Krylon Triple Thick Crystal Clear Glaze (Until you get the amount of shine
that you want.) Spray both the front and back of the pin.
11. Embellish as desired. Always add the Rhinestones after all spraying is completed.
12. Adhere magnet or pin back using tacky glue. If you are making the magnet pin (no more holes in your clothes)
use a 2nd magnet for your pin to adhere to on the inside of you blouse or dress.


Tiffany Bauer said...

What beautiful pins!!

Ann said...

These are beautiful pins and wonderful pieces of artwork!!

Andrea Walford said...

Lovely! These are so inspiring! Way to think outside the box!

Discount Cards said...

I think this tutorial helpful for me to learn this technique and follow your instruction, this will be more and more good for me to learn about this artwork.

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