Jun 10, 2009

Artist Spotlight- Kelly Purkey -Stampin Up Demonstrator

GENERAL PIN INSTRUCTION Design and Technique by Kelli Purkey
1. Layer 3 sheets of desired card stock. Stay primarily with the Soft Subtles, Earth Elements, Ultrasmooth White and
Natural cardstocks,as the color turns quite a bit darker when sprayed with the Krylon spray. Always test a sample so
you don’t build your project andfind out it sprays too dark.

2. Stamp Image on the top sheet with your desired cardstock. On some I use Basic Black stamp pad and on some the
craft pads with clear embossing powder. It depends upon the desired finished look. Color your image if needed.

3. Cut a square around the stamped image cutting thru all 3 layers. The bottom layer set of the pin is always 3 pieces
of cardstock, each set layer after that is either 2 or 3 layers sheets of cardstock depending upon the design..

4. Turn over the top sheet with the image, Smear tacky glue onto the cardstock, then adhere to 2nd sheet of Cardstock,
Smear tacky glue to the back of the 2nd piece of cardstock and adhere to the 3rd layer of cardstock.

5. Cut out the image while the tacky glue is still wet (all 3 layers are glued together as one for cutting).

6. While the tacky glue is still wet, form the pin and let it dry. Do the same with each additional layerset.
(Use only 2 sheets of c/s for the additional layers sets).

7. Use your marker (usually black) to color all edges unless you are embellishing with embossing powder. If you are
embellishing your pin edges with metallic embossing powder, squeeze out a dab of tacky glue on a piece of paper,
use your finger or a tooth-pick to apply a small amount of the glue to the edges of your pins. Dip it in your
embossing powder and heat with your heat gun. The glue will bubble up as the powder melts and create a nice edging.

8. Repeat steps 1 thru 7 for each additional pin layer, using 2/3 pieces of cardstock

9. Put together multiple pin layers with dots of tacky glue. Let Dry.

10. Spray your pin with 5 to 6 layers of Krylon Triple Thick Crystal Clear Glaze (Until you get the amount of shine
that you want.) Spray both the front and back of the pin.
11. Embellish as desired. Always add the Rhinestones after all spraying is completed.
12. Adhere magnet or pin back using tacky glue. If you are making the magnet pin (no more holes in your clothes)
use a 2nd magnet for your pin to adhere to on the inside of you blouse or dress.

Jun 4, 2009

Jun 3, 2009

Stampin Up Sample Makers Hired - Sherrill Graff

After reviewing 567 talented members photos over the last few days I have hired these fine stampers to make samples for me.

1.Gretchen Barron gbarron56@comcast.net sample cards and purses $150

2.Barbara Dondero barbaradondero@gmail.com basket's teachers gifts $50

3.Tammy Fite stampinmama@comcast.net sample cards $50

4.Judy Jackson JudyStamper@verizon.net sample cards $50

5.Mary Brown mary@stampercamper.com ($20 fast ship) sample cards $150

6.Sarah Wills sarahwills@austin.rr.com sesame street characters 2 page layout scrapbook pages $70

7.Selene Kempton e.selene@verizon.net sample cards $50

8.virginia killmore vkillmore@gmail.com sample cards $50

9.Elizabeth Sloman sloman4100@bellsouth.net sample cards $50

10.Marisol Gutierrez atouchof_sol@yahoo.com sample cards $50

11.Dawn Bullock Dbullock28@comcast.net sample cards $50

12.Sandi MacIver sandi_maciver@comcast.net sample cards $150

13.Stephanie Sullins stephenandsteph@earthlink.net sample cards $50

14.Susan Shields blestmomof6@cox.net sample cards $50

15.Rebekah "Becky" Jensen becky@stampthat.com sample cards $50

16.Heidi Michel heartfeltblessings@gmail.com sample cards $50

17.Barb Slaughter stamper0910@yahoo.com sample cards $50

18.Lisa Milliron uniquedesignsbylisa@windstream.net sample cards $50



I'm waiting to hear back from a few more of you before filling the last 2 spots.

If you are a card sample maker you will receive $50 in stampin up merchandise of your choice from the NEW 2009-2010 Stampin Up catalog plus a pack of cardstock, a pack of DSP and a roll of ribbon (or brads or buttons)

I need your shipping address your county and your phone# with area code.

Plus the list of the items you want ordered by June 30th.

Item will be ordered the first few days in July.

For the few of you who are receiving a $150 hostess order you will also get to keep all hostess set and free stuff.

Each of you will have until the end of July to finish your projects and get them in the mail to me so I can take them all to convention!

Sherrill Graff istmpnv@aol.com

Jun 2, 2009

Hiring Stampin Up Sample Makers for Sherrill Graff

If you are hired to make samples for my convention swaps:
You will need to put on the back of each one
"Made by your Name your e-mail address on behalf of Sherrill Graff istmpnv@aol.com"
no recipe needed

I'm looking for stampers who will
1) make cards with one or more layer and with one accessory like a button or brads and a bit of ribbon or flower. (see samples above)
2) Make 12X12 two page layouts
3) Big Shot 3-D items

I pay $2-3 per card in stamps
$6-8 for a 2 page layout in stamps
$3-6 for 3-D items in stamps

I provide all your supplies and you keep all the left overs. It should come up to about $8-15 an hour in product
If you have worked for me before and I hire you again I will pay $150 in stampin up merchandise. No prior project approval needed. You know what to do

If you are new I'll trade you 20 cards for $50 in stampin up merchandise.
Please send me a photo of the card you would like to create. You may CASE ideas. If I hire you I will send you a "You have been hired" e-mail
Then you will need to send me a supply list for needed items.
(cardstock, ribbon, brads, etc. will be on top of your $50 in items)

Once you get your items you have 30 days to get the samples back to me.
(you pay shipping to me)

If you are interested please apply
Sherrill Graff istmpnv@aol.com I will chose the next set of sample makers and announce them to this list.

my recruit password is scrapbook1
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