Apr 1, 2009

Who's Stampin Up artwork is this? Mystery artist- contest

Who's Stampin Up artwork is this? Mystery artist- contest

If your art work shows up on my blog... you are automatically entered into my mystery artist contest!!!!

Feel FREE to Leave a comment and claim your work. Also add your blog address to your comment if you want friends to visit your blog.

The winners will get FREE STAMPS!


Susan Shields said...

Oh, oh, oh, I see one of my creations!!! Yippee, that means I'm one of your mystery artists!!! Yahoo!!! Thanks Sherrill!
Come and visit my blog! If you leave me a comment on my creation and say you found me from here, I'll send you a handmade card!

Susan Shields

MJ said...

How fun, I actually have two cards in this grouping. So I guess it's not such a mystery anymore, lol. Thanks so much for choosing my cards! You rock Sherrill!


Mary Campbell said...

Such a wonderful lot of cards. I love them all. You picked some great one's Sherrill. Thanks for sharing.
Mary Campbell

Frankie Conar said...

What a neat idea! I hope I find one of my cards on your site oneday :o)

virginia said...

oooooh one of my cards is on your blog thank you so much!
if you would like to visit my blog

Carol Matthews said...

Hi Sherrill:
Wow - thanks for including one of my cards, it's my first 'mystery artist' experience ever.
Learning from you has been a wonderful experience.

Carol Matthews said...

Hello Sherrill:
Wow - thanks so much for including my card in your 'mystery artists' collection! What a thrill!
I've learned so much from your suggestions. Thanks for sharing.

Tiffany Bauer said...

OMG!!! One of my cards is posted here!!! This is soooo exciting!!! Thanks for everything you do for all of us!!!


Janice said...

What a fun idea! Another goal to reach for.....to someday be a mystery artist! :-)


Gretchen Barron said...

I see two of my projects here, Sherrill -- My Birthday Tag Box and the Tea Party Matchbox Dresser! Blessings, Gretchen

Heidi Michel said...

OMGOSH my card is on here!! Mine is the pink piro & red butterfly card. How cool!!!

Please visit my blog....www.heartfeltblessings.blogspot.com


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