Mar 24, 2008

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This is where we stayed in Palm Springs for leadership conference. It was a nice vacation with many of my stampin friends!

If you're a mom that wants to stay involved with her kids, but also wants to contribute to the family in a financial manner, you might want to look at your computer a little more closely.

There are more moms logging onto the Internet than ever, but what does that mean for you? On the Internet, there are millions of websites that are making a profit while the business owners remain in the comfort of their own home. This can be you!

Just because you're a mom that doesn't work outside of the home doesn't mean that you can't use the time that you do have to create a successful business. You probably already have the skills from your previous employment experience, and even if you don't, you can learn them. By working from home, you will still be able to spend that quality time with your children.

The first thing that you will want to do is come up with an idea for a web business. I started with Stampin Up over 17 years ago. It was the creative outlet I needed.

Stampin Up also provided me with all the resources and a good compensation program that provided income and allowed me to build my business around my family over the years. The easiest and most cost-effective way to start and run your business is to reach your customers over the Internet.

We have Stampin Up company websites and many of us also chose to have blogs which are linked by webring allowing stampers and scrapbookers to find us easily.Starting and building an online business takes patience and time in the beginning. As you build you will earn instant income as well as override commissions as you add team members.

I have been thankful for spending time at home with my children as they have grown. My oldest is now 22 (she was 5 when I started) and my youngest is 13. You can do it too, and I can help you along the way.

E-mail me to learn more or to join my team, Sherrill Graff

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