Sep 26, 2014

I made a business decision to find a place to work that was more affordable

Everyone can have Divine Intervention
and Personal Revelation
If we but Pray and ask our Father in Heaven 
with a sincere heart
Believing we will receive an answer to our prayers.

I have been seeking for guidance
to know what to do about where I was working.
I loved working at Attractions Salon in Boulder City 
for the last 5 months
but I did my books and found out
that I was spending $200 more each month that I could comfortably afford.

So I made a business decision to find a place to work that was more affordable

I asked my customers to
Please tell me what YOU think

what Boulder City Nevada Hair Salon do you like the BEST?
Boulder Beauty0%0
Hair Tenders7%1
Fantastic Sams0%0
Other not listed0%0
Total Votes: 14

Tuesday of this week
I was hired to work at 
Blis Salon and Spa
567 Hotel Plaza

I feel blessed to know God is aware of my needs
I only had one hour between  leaving Attractions Salon
and Working at Blis.

Becky the owner of Blis welcomed me with opened arms
and the others ladies that work there
seem wonderful too.

Here is a picture of Kari and her family

Kari is Becky's sister 
When I came to work Kari moved over to another station
to allow me to work doing hair and nails next to each other.

This is my customer Becky and her mom.
Becky is sitting at my new hair station 
while her mom is at my new nail station
see how close they are.
The best part is I can see the front door and
welcome clients as they come in.

This is Becky's hair when we got done

This is a picture of Angela
I did her hair yesterday as well.

We changed her hair from brown to blonde 

See how happy she is with her new look.

 above is Kim's client showing off her Facial
and waxing pricing

So relaxing....

Below is my customer Tiffany Martin
She and her family own Red Mountain Realty

Her new color is to die for!

Below is my neighbor Lilly
She enjoyed her short hair cut today
I love the neckline...

This is Taylor
she has lovely think hair
It's she beautiful

Below is my Aunt Carol
It was such a pleasure to 
trim her hair for her.
(She is blessed with natural curl)

Below is J 
she wanted a really short haircut
and was thrilled 
that she could still tuck the front b
behind her ears.


At the end of the day 
I walked over to 
Boulder City Florist

and picked up some flowers
to thank everyone I work with
for the warm welcome

what do you think

Comments Welcome

I love what I do 
can you tell?

May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff
Please Call my cell 702-539-0167 to make an appointment

Sep 22, 2014

My friends can stamp!

Mary Jo hosts the Stampin Up Late Night Stamper Yahoo group
she also hosts a Techno Stamper Sketch Challenge. 

Mary Jo Price- Williams:  Technostamper

Sue Root:  Stampin' With Sue2
Robbie Rubula: InkedX2 
Eileen LeFevre: Eileen's Stampin' Fever Blog 
Tanya Bell: Stamping T! 
Carolyn Bennett: Carolyn's Paper Fantasies 
Jonia Smith: Stampin for Me 

The sample below was made by 
Mary Brown: Stamper Camper

May God bless you and your family, Sherrill Graff Blog: Website:

Sep 5, 2014

Learn How to hand paint paper for greeting cards like this one

If you can't make it for all day come from 9am to noon or 1pm to 6pm

This is just one of the cards I'll be teaching you to make.
You need to bring a few supplies
e-mail me for the short list

May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff

My Stampin Up Website:

Aug 29, 2014

Treasure Hunt Blog Hop Starts September 1st - enter to win a grand prize

If you are an active Stampin Up Demonstrator 
and are on Stampin Connection
there is still time to participate in the 
Treasure Hunt
Blog Hop

If you are a customer
and love Stampin Up products
Visit the links below and 
keep track of each clue and where you found it

You will need a clue
 from each blog listed below
to enter the drawing for 
the Grand Prize!

Dots and Stripe Mask 
is my clue
Item # 133775 
it can be found on page # 205
of the current Stampin' Up! catalog

2014 LNS Fall Treasure Hunt Blog Participants

5.       Deborah Smart, BC-CA –
6.       Bev Farmer, MD-US –
7.       Katie Shimshock, US –
8.       Bridget Sandoval, CO-US –
9.       Jana T. Secord, US –
10.      Misty Snell, OK-US –
11.      Michelle McCarthy, US –
12.      Rhonda MacNally, CA –
13.      Sarah Souza, US –
14.      Carol Gleason, WI-US –
15.      Diana Carr, US –
16.      Debi Teague, TX-US –
17.      Olivia V. Studley       -
18.      Cyndy Ponczek, US –
19.      Patricia Olson, MN-US –
20.      Mary Lee, CO-US –
21.      Tracy Elsom, NS-CA –
22.      Nora J. Hampton, US -
23.      Karina Chin, US  -
24.      Angelica N. Fletcher      -
25.      Angie Jones, AUS –
26.       Sharon Tong-Robinson, CA-US –
27.      Ann Shafer, US -
28.      Angeline Anny, HI-US –
29.      Laura Simnick, IN-US –
30.      Janis L. Thomas, PA-US –
31.      Cindy Mitchell-Clark, TX-US –
32.      Christy Minshall, NY-US –
33.      Marie Green, OR-US –
34.      Lisa Tyndall, US –
35.      Valerie Malkus, NY-US -
36.      Cheryl Laxton,    -
37.      Billie Moan, US –
38.      Becky O’Donnell    -
39.      Angela Henninger, TX-US –
40.      Melanie Coverston,     -
41.      Chris Ann Tomasso, US –
42.      Chris Ann Tomasso, US –
43.      Suzanne Johnson, US –
44.      Vicki Reed, US –
45. Shelly Peck, US –

If you are a demonstrator with a clue on your blog please do not enter to win. The Grand prize is meant for cutomers only.  

Each Customer may enter with only ONE demonstrator - Please look for one living near you.

If you live in the USA and are hear Nevada e-mail me with your entry 
once you have your list of blogs and the clue you found at each one. 
Your name and address would also be appreciated, 
we will need that information if your entry is drawn.
Thank you

May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff
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